Value Proposition

Provide sound strategic counsel, unique insights and superior service that deliver exceptional results that focus on our clients’ challenges in gaining access to formulary listings across Canada.

Apply our expertise and knowledge to develop a multi-disciplinary and collaborative solution that fits your distinct needs.

Our Culture and

Integrity and respect are at the heart of our business relationships, we believe in open and honest communication.

We are client centric - for us, the customer comes first.

We take pride in our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the Canadian market. We are well-connected, professional and always advocate a collegial approach. We think fun in business is important.

Diversity of skills, complementary strengths and an open organizational culture define Synergyx. Our core beliefs help clients achieve outstanding results.

Our Expertise

Market Access – Pharmacoeconomics – Real-World Evidence – Data Analytics

We are specialists in issues related to Canadian market access. We know the industry and have been engaged at both ends of the pharmaceutical supply chain. We know of the market access challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry. We have worked with a variety of private payers and public drug and technology assessment bodies such as CADTH and INESS and as a consequence, we are familiar with the payer world and how they make their decisions.

Our clinical experience, economic savvy and Health Business Intelligence know-how allows us to achieve exceptional results.

We create synergies and deliver value