Seminars and Training

Synergyx is able to provide in-depth training on a variety of key issues and challenges in the area of ​​drug pricing and reimbursement. We are committed to personalizing seminars and training sessions according to the specific needs of our clients. Seminars and training sessions focus on market access issues for both medicines and health technologies. Themes are varied to help our clients meet various market access specific challenges.

To demonstrate our dedication to high quality service, we offer a one hour training session free
of charge on a topic of your choice! No strings attached.

Topics include

  • Overview of private and public reimbursement landscape in Canada
  • Overview of health technology assessment and reimbursement in Canada (e.g. CADTH, INESSS, pCODR, pCPA)
  • Introduction to pharmacoeconomics (PE)
  • Introduction to budget impact analysis (BIA)
  • Introduction to data analytics and predictive business models and how it impacts sales forecast.